10 Best Micro ATX Cases for Gaming PC

Micro ATX Cases

If you’re looking for a beautiful and compact Micro ATX cases, look no further than this model from Fractal Design. It doesn’t get too crazy with the RGB and instead provides a sleek, classic chassis that will hold up well as your system evolves.

This model is a great option for water cooling setups, as it can fit a 360mm radiator at the front and 240mm in the roof. There’s also plenty of space for fans and expansion slots in the back.

The ASUS Prime AP201 is a breakthrough in micro ATX case design, with an innovative layout that invites 360 mm AIO coolers and graphics cards up to 338 mm long. It also offers tool-free panels with quasi-filter mesh to enhance cooling performance and a slick, modern aesthetic.

Thermaltake Level 20 VT Micro ATX Cases

The Level 20 VT is the second installment in the Level 20 series and a pretty damn cool case. Right out of the box, it looks stunning, with its tempered glass windows and chunky exterior frame design.

It’s also designed with water cooling in mind, allowing you to install large radiators and plenty of fans. This is a little unusual for micro-ATX cases, so if you’re planning to build in this one then it’s definitely worth checking out.

Micro ATX Cases

However, the Level 20 VT is not without its faults. First of all, it does not offer a lot of locations below the motherboard for hiding cables. This means that your build will look a bit like a rat’s nest with a rainbow of cables in every direction.

Another problem with the Level 20 VT is its airflow, which can be a little restrictive. It doesn’t seem to be a huge problem for most people, but it’s still something to keep in mind when considering this case. Finally, the front panel does not allow for a full-sized CPU cooler, so you’ll need to remove it if you want to fit a high-end GPU in there. Despite these issues, the Level 20 VT is still a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and versatile Micro-ATX gaming case. It’s also quite affordable, which is a bonus.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ARGB

The Cooler Master MasterCase H500 ARGB is a Micro ATX Case that combines high-performance airflow with premium lighting. This sturdy Iron Grey case comes with a front fan pre-installed, and it allows users to replace it with either a mesh or transparent panel based on their preferences for airflow and aesthetics. This is a huge benefit of the case because it gives users the opportunity to create a build that excels at ruthless performance or eye-catching design with just a simple 8-screw swap!

Micro ATX Cases

The front of the case includes connections for dual USB 3.0 ports, a headphone and microphone jack, a power button, and a reset button. The back of the case features 7 expansion slots. The front of the case also includes a spot for a 240 or 280-mm radiator, and it can support dual 120-mm fans or a single 200-mm fan.

The case has 2 3.5″ drive bays and 2 2.5″ drive bays, giving it plenty of space for storage devices. The motherboard tray cutout is 152 wide by 142 tall, and the side panels allow for up to 28 millimeters of clearance for wiring. The back of the case has three covers, which help keep the back of the case looking clean. The bottom right cover is removable, allowing for the mounting of two SSDs and their wires. This case is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current system with a new GPU or CPU and wants a clean look!

Phanteks EVOLV

If you’re looking for a premium case that will impress your friends, the Phanteks EVOLV is worth checking out. This mid-tower ATX case offers great value for your money and features a sleek minimalist design. It can accommodate EATX motherboards and has room for up to 6 fans with 4 pre-installed RGB fans. It also supports a vertically mounted 240mm liquid cooling radiator and a high-end graphics card.

The case has a mesh front panel and a transparent side window for improved airflow and a crystal-clear view of your hardware. The fans are addressable and can be controlled by the motherboard or a separate controller. There are also two USB 2.0 ports and audio ports on the top for easy access.

Micro ATX Cases

Inside, the EVOLV has four expansion slots, a removable drive cage with a pair of 3.5″ HDDs, and two 2.5″ SSD trays. There is space for a 190 mm long power supply and a 350 mm long graphics card. The bottom of the case has a 120mm fan and there is an option for a second one on the back.

The front panel pops off easily and reveals a clean and uncluttered interior. There are rubberized bushings next to the mainboard for cable management and further openings above and below the mainboard for more cables. The PSU shroud has a nice design, but it’s missing a logo and is a little bulky.

Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L

Cooler Master is a well-known name in the field of computer cases. Their portfolio stretches back all the way to the 90s, with some of their most popular designs coming from the HAF and COSMOS series. However, with the recent introduction of their MasterCase series, they have been able to blend a few different designs and bring them together to create a collection that is both unique and highly functional. This particular model is called the MasterBox Q300L, and it features a number of different features that make it ideal for your gaming PC.

The first thing that is going to catch your eye about this case is its tempered glass side panel. This is a premium feature that not many other cases in this price range include, and it makes the case look very appealing when you are sitting in front of it.

Micro ATX Cases

In addition to the tempered glass, this case also has a mesh panel in the front that helps improve airflow. This is another feature that is very important for a gaming PC, especially when you are using it for long periods of time.

In terms of compatibility, this case supports micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards. It can accommodate a CPU cooler up to 159mm in height and graphics cards with a maximum length of 360mm. It also supports up to three 2.5-inch drives and two 3.5-inch drives.

Lian Li PC-O11DW 011 DYNAMIC

Lian Li is a brand known for its sleek designs and quality construction. The PC-O11DW 011 DYNAMIC is no exception and offers plenty of room for storage and high-end video cards. It also supports liquid cooling radiators on the front and top. Additionally, it has a full-sized tempered glass panel and a mesh front panel. The glass panel is attached to the chassis using a unique method that minimizes the chances of it being dropped during installation or maintenance.

Micro ATX Cases

This Micro ATX case has a sleek design with tempered glass panels and steel-and-tempered-glass construction. It is painted black on the inside and outside. The front of the case features a 5 by 15-inch row of ventilation slots that span almost the entire length of the left-hand side, from front to back. There are no handles, buttons, or slots on the top of this case, but it does have a brushed aluminum panel with two USB 3.0 ports, a microphone and headphone jacks, a power button, and a single USB Type-C port.

The case has a space for three 120mm fans and an RGB fan preinstalled (inner and outer rings glow). It supports motherboards from Micro-ATX to E-ATX, as well as Mini-ITX motherboards. It also supports most CPU coolers up to 165mm in height and has room for up to 6 additional fans. The case has simple storage access and can accommodate up to 2 x 3.5-inch hard drives in a removable drive cage and 2 x 2.5-inch SSDs with a quick-release tray mount.

 Zalman R2 ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC

The Level 20 VT is the latest offering from the Thermaltake Level series and proves that micro cases don’t have to be small on features. It has a huge amount of support within an M-ATX footprint and features a mesh panel design for airflow with preinstalled 200mm fans in the front, which can be managed by the included controller or the motherboard. This case also has a flat motherboard tray and great liquid cooling support with four 4mm tempered glass panels and interchangeable panels with filters.

Micro ATX Cases

The MasterCase H500 ARGB is a stylish contemporary case that will look amazing in your gaming rig and has some unique features that make it stand out. It has a large transparent side window and a mesh front panel that maximizes airflow with iconic addressable RGB fans preinstalled (inner and outer rings glow). The rear of the case can fit up to 240mm radiators, while the bottom has room for 165mm tall CPU coolers. There’s plenty of space for storage with a removable drive cage and 2x 2.5-inch SSD mounts.

Customers have rated the Apevia PRODIGY-BK Micro-ATX Gaming Case highly, with many saying that it has excellent value and is easy to put together. However, some have criticized the materials and claimed that the case is cheap and flimsy. The noise level is also a concern, with some users saying that it’s too loud for their liking.

 Vetroo AL-MESH-7C MATX PC Case

This MATX PC case from Vetroo features a stylish design and high-performance cooling. Its spacious interior can accommodate a variety of components and features 4 pre-installed 120mm RGB fans. Its tempered glass is sturdy and scratch-resistant. The case is also easy to install and remove components thanks to its one-thumb screw design. Its breathable air filtration system is another standout feature, with magnetic seals that prevent dust particles from entering the case.

The case has two USB 3.0 ports, audio and headphone jacks, a power and reset button, a hard drive activity LED, and a 3.5-inch fan controller. It also has a movable I/O panel and a reversible motherboard tray. The case’s tempered glass front panel and metal side panels provide a premium appearance and are scratch-resistant. It also comes with a large number of expansion slots and supports up to three 360mm radiators.

Micro ATX Cases

This case is a great choice for gamers who want to build an affordable gaming PC. It features a spacious interior that can fit a standard ATX motherboard. The case’s black paint and interior give it a sleek look, while the removable dust filters help keep the system cool. The case is also a great choice for users who want to upgrade their graphics card.

This is an excellent mid-tower ATX case for those who value performance and aesthetics. Its clean, minimalist design makes it a perfect choice for fans of clean, modern builds. The case’s tempered glass door is both durable and attractive, and it includes built-in RGB lighting for an immersive gaming experience. The case’s spacious interior can accommodate a wide range of components, including a large GPU and CPU cooler. The included fans and water pump are designed to maximize airflow and ensure a quiet, cool, and efficient build.

This iTank X3 MATX is an affordable case that offers a premium look and plenty of storage space. Its spacious layout can accommodate a variety of components, and its tempered glass panel allows users to show off their gaming setup. The case has a unique design that is both stylish and functional, making it an excellent choice for gamers who want to create a custom PC. Its tempered glass panel is durable and scratch-resistant, and its reversible motherboard tray is easy to use. The case also has an innovative cable management system that makes it easy to build a custom rig.

 Apevia PRODIGY-BK Micro-ATX Gaming Case

The Apevia PRODIGY-BK is a premium micro-ATX gaming case that features both function and aesthetics. It comes with a mesh and transparent front panel to allow for maximum airflow and a crystal-clear view of the fans. The case is equipped with two CM H500 ARGB fans that are pre-installed and can be controlled via the motherboard or an included controller. The fans can also be customized with 16 color modes to create an aesthetically pleasing lighting system.

This case is ideal for high-performance computers and offers plenty of space to install a lot of fans. It has a PSU shroud and tempered glass side panel for aesthetics. It supports a total of six 120 mm fans including three on the front, two on the top, and one on the rear. In addition, the case has a built-in power supply ventilation system and a washable PSU air filter to help keep your computer cool.

Another great feature of this case is its support for micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards and vertical GPU mounting. It also has 2 x 2.5-inch and 2 x 3.5-inch drive bays, audio ports, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports on the front, and a rear exhaust fan. It is also very durable and has a premium steel construction.

Micro ATX Cases

Customers have given this case mixed reviews. Some have praised its value and ease of use, while others have voiced concerns about the noise level. The majority of users seem to love the design and feel that it is worth the money.

Micro ATX cases are a great choice for building high-performance computers. The small size of the motherboards and RAM slots makes it possible to install a lot of high-performance components. They are also a great choice for people who want to build a stylish desktop computer without breaking the bank.

Before you buy a micro ATX case, make sure it has enough space for your components. It should have at least four drives and a slot for an SSD or an M.2 NVMe. The chassis should also have a dust filter, removable panels for easy access to the motherboard, and plenty of cooling options. It’s also important to check the warranty on your new micro ATX case before buying it. A good warranty will ensure that you’ll be able to repair or replace your case if it breaks down.

 ASUS Prime AP201 33-Liter MicroATX White

A sleek and elegant case, the ASUS Prime AP201 is designed to provide optimal airflow and cooling for your CPU, GPU, and other components. With a quasi-filter mesh front panel, a tool-free side panel, and support for standard ATX power supplies and 360mm radiators, this case is ideal for mATX or micro-ATX gaming PCs.

The case is made of steel with a white finish, and the front is covered by a semi-transparent mesh. The panel is secured by push pins and can be removed for easy access to the motherboard tray area and the I/O panel. Behind the I/O panel, there is a large opening with several mounting points for fans or drives. The bottom of the case has a very large ventilation opening with numerous mounting holes for a single 120mm fan. The bottom of the case is also home to a large dust filter that can be removed for cleaning.

Micro ATX Cases

Asus has also included two Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports on the front panel and a Type-C port rated for USB 3.2 Gen 2. Compatible microATX ASUS motherboards such as the TUF Gaming B660M Plus or ROG STRIX B660-G can use this port to take advantage of transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps.

The sides of the case are closed with a simple yet secure clip mechanism that is resistant to accidental dislodging. This design keeps the case looking streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, and it also prevents dust from entering the motherboard tray area. The top of the case has a large opening with multiple mounts for fans or drives, and there is even room for a water cooler.

The front of the case has a mesh design with a white trim that looks pretty standard. On the top of the case is another trimmed mesh with the words “ASUS Prime Case” to remind users of what they are holding. Opening up the top reveals a spacious opening that can hold up to three 120mm fans or a 360mm radiator. The back of the case is also open, and there are four full PCI slots for expansion cards.

Thermaltake Core V21

The Core series by Thermaltake launched last year with the E-ATX full-tower Core V71 and has since expanded into the mid-tower (V31, V41, V51) and mini-ITX (V1) form factors. The Core V21 we’re reviewing today is the first Micro-ATX chassis to officially join the family. Like the other cases in the Core lineup, it’s built with steel and is very open to allow for many different motherboard orientations. In fact, it took me less than a minute to change from the default horizontal motherboard orientation to a vertical one with all cables behind the motherboard tray. The other panels can also be rotated on their magnetic dust filters to accommodate a variety of different configurations.

There’s plenty of space inside the case, which makes it perfect for water cooling. The Core V21 can hold no less than three 240-millimeter radiators, which is quite impressive for an mATX case. This will allow you to build a powerful gaming PC with some seriously overclocked hardware, all while keeping the temperature under control.

Micro ATX Cases

For those who don’t want to go the liquid route, there’s also plenty of room for air coolers. The Core V21 features multiple mounting points to mount both 120/140mm fans and 200mm radiators. It would be fairly easy to install a Corsair H100i 240mm AIO in this case too, although the manual doesn’t mention that specific compatibility. In any case, it would only take a few seconds to reorient the radiator and fans to a side-oriented position (as shown in the screenshot below).

The Core V21 has some other unique features that set it apart from most other cases. Most importantly, it’s designed with stackable modularity in mind. This means that you can combine two of them to create a quadrature micro-ATX chassis with a massive window to showcase your components. Additionally, the Core V21 has removable 2.5”/3.5” drive device racks to increase interior space when needed for enhanced cooling performance or even liquid system build.


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