AOC 24G2 Gaming Monitor Review In 2023

AOC 24G2

The AOC 24G2 is a gaming monitor that delivers a smooth experience thanks to its 144Hz refresh rate. It features an IPS panel and AMD Freesync technology.

It also offers low input lag and an exceptional response time to give you the edge in hair-trigger stand-offs.

The OSD menu is easy to navigate using pressable buttons below the bottom bezel. It’s not ideal though since we’ve grown accustomed to joystick implementations for this type of setting.

AOC 24G2 Review

The AOC 24G2 gaming monitor has garnered significant attention within the gaming community due to its promising features and affordability. With a 24-inch display and a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080, it provides a crisp and clear visual experience for gamers.

One of the standout features of the AOC 24G2 is its impressive refresh rate of 144Hz. This high refresh rate ensures smooth and fluid gameplay, reducing motion blur and ghosting effects that can be distracting during fast-paced gaming sessions. Coupled with a 1ms response time, this monitor aims to deliver an immersive gaming experience without lag or input delay.

AOC 24G2 Design

The AOC 24G2 gaming monitor is a great option for gamers that want a stylish monitor with excellent performance. It features an IPS panel that offers accurate colors and is bright enough to overcome glare in most lighting conditions. It also has a low input lag mode that lets gamers focus on their gameplay without worrying about graphical frills. It also has a built-in pair of speakers, which is a nice touch for a budget monitor, although the speakers only have 2 watts of power and will sound tinny.

AOC 24G2 Design

The 24G2 also has a 144Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync technology. It supports a wide range of framerates with low framerate compensation and can alleviate tearing by synchronizing the screen’s scan rate to your game’s framerate. It also has an overdrive setting that reduces motion blur.

The AOC 24G2 is a great choice for gamers that want a good-looking monitor with a high refresh rate and Freesync support. It also has a great build quality with a matte anti-glare coating and slim bezels. It comes with an ergonomic stand with 130mm height adjustment, 90deg pivot, +/- 30deg swivel, and -5deg/22-deg tilt. It is also compatible with VESA mounts.

AOC 24G2 Display

The 24G2 uses an IPS panel by PANDA with wide 178° viewing angles, a 250-nit specified peak brightness that gets a little brighter, and a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio. The screen is capable of displaying the full sRGB color spectrum with an 8-bit + 2-bit FRC dithered depth. It also has a fast 1ms G-to-G response time speed and supports FreeSync with a low 4ms input lag at 144Hz. It also supports Black Frame Insertion (BFI) to reduce motion blur but it may cause image duplication and inverse ghosting at lower refresh rates.

AOC 24G2 Display

The monitor has great out-of-box accuracy but colors can shift a bit toward the darker end of the spectrum. We ran some tests using the TV series Futurama, which is very unforgiving for testing color consistency because large patches of different shades appear together and are difficult to separate out. Overall, the 24G2 showed strong performance with only minor shifts in the red shade of Dr. Zoidberg and some pastel shades appearing slightly darker towards the extreme edges.

AOC 24G2 Performance

AOC has included a lot of features in this monitor. It uses a PANDA 23.8 inch 1080p 144hz IPS panel with wide 178-degree viewing angles, a 250-nit specified peak brightness (that easily hits 300-nits or higher in real life), a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio, and a dithered 8-bit color depth.

AOC 24G2 Performance

The AOC 24G2 also features AMD FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility, so you can use it with both Nvidia and AMD GPUs without worrying about tearing or stuttering. It is 1ms MPRT and a 144Hz refresh rate helps eliminate image stuttering and blurry motion so you can line up shots or race at high speed with confidence.

Compared to the MSI Optix G273 TN-based monitor, the AOC has better motion handling with a faster response time at all refresh rates. The AOC also has a much better stand with a full range of height, swivel, and tilt adjustments. It also has a Black Frame Insertion feature to improve motion clarity, although you can’t enable it with VRR because that will cause image duplication due to strobe crosstalk.

AOC 24G2 Features

The AOC 24G2 uses an IPS panel from PANDA with wide 178° viewing angles and a specified peak brightness of 250 cd/m2. It also has an excellent 1,000:1 contrast ratio, although this isn’t quite as good as some other IPS monitors. The monitor doesn’t support HDR, though, so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to experience the benefits of that technology.


This IPS panel has very good color accuracy out of the box and can cover around 105% of sRGB and 85% of DCI-P3. It also supports a full range of video formats, including 4K. It also offers four response time overdrive modes, ranging from Off to Strong. However, if you use the Strong setting at high frame rates, it can cause noticeable inverse ghosting and pixel overshoot.

The monitor has an excellent low input lag of only 4ms at 144Hz, making it ideal for gaming. In addition, it supports FreeSync and G-Sync, so you can choose the best mode for your game. In addition, it has a built-in pair of speakers and a full range of ergonomic adjustment options.


The AOC 24G2 is a great option for gamers who are looking for a high-quality gaming monitor at an affordable price. The monitor features AMD FreeSync, a 1ms pixel response time, and an ergonomic design with a height-adjustable stand. It also comes with a USB hub and built-in 2W speakers. The monitor is available for purchase online and at many local retailers.

AOC 24G2

The AOC 24G2 has a fast IPS panel that can support up to 144Hz. It has a low input lag and a high refresh rate, so you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience. It also has a low frame rate compensation feature, so you won’t see any tearing even when you play games at lower frame rates.

The AOC 24G2 has a good response time and color reproduction, but the screen has some flaws. For example, the blacks are too gray and the image looks washed out. It also has a slight amount of IPS glow. In addition, the Overdrive settings are slow, and the ‘Strong’ setting can cause inverse ghosting or image duplication.

Best AOC 24G2 Settings

The AOC 24G2 offers a great gaming experience for budget gamers. Its high refresh rate and exceptional response time eliminate image stuttering and blurring. It also supports G-SYNC over DisplayPort, and it has a 1 ms MPRT to minimize ghosting and motion artifacts. It also has an excellent contrast ratio, although blacks still look grayish in the dark.

Best AOC 24G2 Settings

PCGameBenchmark has tested the AOC 24G2, and its input lag is low, at only 4ms at 144Hz. However, it suffers from IPS glow, which is an expected downside of this panel technology. Its horizontal viewing angles are good, but colors begin to fade when viewed from above or below.

The AOC 24G2 is available now from select retailers. Its price tag is around $200 / £180, which makes it an inexpensive monitor for budget gamers. It is also available in a 27” variant, the AOC 27G2, with a slightly higher pixel density and a lower price tag of around $300 / £230. It features a BOE MV238FHB-NG0 panel, and its newer design is also more ergonomic.

AOC 24G2 Variants

The AOC 24G2 is a great choice for gamers who want a good quality monitor at an affordable price. It has a fast refresh rate and an excellent response time, which means there will be no blur behind fast-moving objects. The screen also has a 3H anti-glare coating, which will help to reduce glare in most lighting conditions.

AOC 24G2 Variants

The screen has a nice matte finish and red accents. It also has a compact design, which makes it easier to fit in your desk. It has two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort port, and a VGA input. It supports FreeSync over HDMI and DisplayPort. It is also compatible with G-SYNC, but only over DisplayPort.

The AOC 24G2 uses a PANDA LC238LF1F panel, which has a specified peak brightness of 250 nits and a contrast ratio of 1,000:1. Its performance is better than the average IPS panel. It has a great response time at its max refresh rate, but the ‘Strong’ Overdrive setting can cause some overshoot that results in inverse ghosting. It also does not support a wide color gamut.

AOC 24G2 Version 1 Old

The AOC 24G2 is an excellent budget gaming monitor for those looking for a smooth gaming experience. Its low input lag, high refresh rate, and exceptional response time make it ideal for fast-paced games. However, its small screen size and 1080p resolution limit productivity. Its contrast is also slightly limited, and the image can look washed out from the side. The AOC 24G2 also suffers from poor black uniformity and backlight bleed, though these issues can vary between units.

AOC 24G2 Version 1 Old

The display uses an IPS panel by PANDA with a 250-nit specified peak brightness, a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio, and dithered 8-bit color depth. The IPS panel also offers wide viewing angles and decent color accuracy with a Delta E score of only 1.2 before calibration.

The AOC 24G2 has a thin bezel and comes with a fully adjustable stand. The stand offers 130mm of height adjustment, 90deg of pivot, +/- 30deg of swivel, and -5deg of tilt. It also has a cutout in the stand for cable management and supports VESA mounting.


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