Best Quiet PC Cases

Quiet PC Cases
Best Quiet PC Cases

The best quiet PC cases combine features that make a difference in noise and temperature. Some Quiet PC Cases offer temperature control, fancy glass panels, and RGB lighting. If you are looking for a new quiet PC cases, the NZXT H510i is one of the best options. It offers the same great qualities as the original H series but adds USB-C connections on the front panel and a tempered glass side panel

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Fractal Design Define 7

Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: ‎21.54 x 9.45 x 18.7 inches | Weight: 16000 Grams | I/O Ports: 5x USB Ports | Material: Aluminum

If you’re looking for a quiet PC cases, the Fractal Design Define 7 is an excellent choice. It can fit up to 14 storage disks and features three 140mm Dynamic X2 GP-14 fans. The case is also compatible with up to six additional user-installed fans. Its steel frame is designed to be quiet and offers cable management features like Velcro ties.

The case’s brushed aluminum front panel is made of anodized aluminum with a brushed finish. The front panel includes ventilation slots and a full-length dust filter. Its side panels are made of tempered glass and have vents to allow air to flow through. The case can also house one large 360mm radiator.

The Define 7 is one of the most recent models of the Define series. It takes modularity and performance to new heights. Its door reduces noise by 34.6 dBA. It also enables the fans to run at a lower frequency, which improves performance.

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Corsair 100R Silent Edition

Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: 18.5 x 7.9 x 16.9 inches | Weight: 4800 Grams | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0 Ports | Material: Alloy Steel

The Corsair 100R Silent Edition PC case is built to be silent and offers many great features. It has seven expansion slots, a fan control switch that toggles between five and twelve volts, four plastic feet, and a dust filter for the PSU.

This case is available in two different versions: standard and silent. While the standard model comes with a transparent side window and fan mounts on the top, the silent version has closed panels lined with noise-reducing foam. It also has two system fans. Both versions keep the classic look of last year’s Carbide 200R, but have improved the overall acoustics.

The interior of the Corsair 100R Silent Edition PC case is spacious, easy to access, and well-designed. Its dual 5.4″ front bays and four 3.5″ bays for SATA drives provide ample room for all of your components. The 100R also features a 3-step fan controller and noise-isolating side panels.

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Be Quiet! Pro 900 Full Tower

Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: 26 x 13 x 27 inches | Weight: 18870 Grams | I/O Ports: 3x USB Ports | Material: Tempered Glass

If modularity, compatibility, and design are important to you, the Be Quiet Pro 900 Full Tower computer case may be the perfect choice. It features three distinct compartments to store and protect your hardware. Additionally, the case is completely silent when you shut it down. The case comes with a five-year warranty.

This case features two 5.25-inch drive bays, which means that you’ll have enough room for two optical drives. It also features a sliding fan speed control to ensure quiet operation. Lastly, this case includes a large motherboard plate and large expansion slots for easy installation and maintenance of large aftermarket heatsinks.

This case features a beefy power button and an LED indicator for hard drive activity. It also has an integrated headphone and microphone jack. Additionally, the case has three USB 3.0 ports and one USB type-C connector for USB 3.1. Another great feature is its Qi charging pad, which lets you charge your phone wirelessly.

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Master Silencio S400

Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: 8.27 x 16.46 x 16.06 inches | Weight: 7000 Grams | I/O Ports: 2x USB Ports | Material: Alloy Steel

The Master Silencio S400 quiet computer case has a unique design that minimizes the amount of noise produced by a computer. It features a sound-damping material on the inside of the case and features rubber padding on the fans. It also features a sound-dampened steel side panel and a removable top panel. The top panel can be removed for increased ventilation.

The Silencio S400 is also made with a tempered glass side panel. Those who are concerned about noise may want to avoid the version with tempered glass panels because it will be harder to find one at a reasonable price. On the other hand, if you don’t mind looking at your PC’s internal components, you can opt for the full-metal version, which will likely be quieter.

The Silencio S400 is a mini-tower PC case that offers a quieter system. Its thick steel panels and insulating foam in the sides are designed to reduce noise. It is also compatible with water-cooling, which is a must for a quiet PC.

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Be Quiet! Silent Base 802

Motherboard Compatability: ATX | Dimensions: 24.5 x 13 x 24.5 inches | Weight: 12800 Grams | I/O Ports: 3x USB Ports | Material: Tempered Glass

A whisper-quiet PC cases is an excellent choice for those who want maximum performance with minimal noise. This case features three 140mm Pure Wings 2 fans, thick insulation mats, a fan controller, and USB 3.2 Gen ports. Its sleek black design makes it an attractive option for any modern gaming system.

The Be Quiet Silent Base 802 PC case costs approximately PS150 and is available in black, white, and tempered glass colors. It is a member of the company’s High-End line and is made of steel, plastic, and glass. Its build quality is excellent.

This Quiet PC Cases provides plenty of room for your system components. Its spacious interior can accommodate a full ATX motherboard. It has a gap on the backside and top for an anti-vibration motherboard tray.

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Deep Silence 6

Motherboard Compatability: Mini ITX | Dimensions: 16.75 x 10.25 x 21.5 inches | Weight: 9000 Grams | I/O Ports: 3x USB Ports | Material: 0.7mm Steel

The Deep Silence 6 PC case comes with specially designed sound-reducing insulation. Its side panels and top cover are lined with bitumen and foam, while its solid front doors are lined with sound-absorbing materials. Its hard disk drive bays are mounted on a rubber suspension, which helps absorb startup vibrations and reduce background noises. The case also features a magnetic system for fast opening and closing.

The Deep Silence 6 PC case comes with 13 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive mounts, and two removable cages. The front cage houses a 10-bay hard drive rack, while the rear cage houses a three-bay drive rack. While the case does not have SSD mounts behind the motherboard tray, it does offer enough room for two SSDs. All the internal drives are installed on metal slide-out trays, and all are locked into cages with anti-vibration rubber mounts. The front panel also features three USB ports, two of which are USB 3.0.

Another excellent option is the Fractal Design Define XL R2 PC case. This is another proven full-tower case, and features a sleek and minimalist design. It features an integrated I/O panel, and is equipped with two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 connectors, as well as Mic and Headphone connectors. The I/O panel can be hidden away if not needed, and the case still looks sleek.

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Fractal Design Define Nano S

Motherboard Compatability: Mini ITX | Dimensions: 16.22 x 7.99 x 13.54 inches | Weight: 9160 Grams | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0 Ports | Material: Alloy Steel

The Define Nano S is a highly advanced and quiet ITX case for high-end components. It also features superior sound dampening and an ATX-like layout. It has a Dynamic Series fan system with front and bottom intakes, removable dust filters, and a fully-open airflow path.

Although the front panel of the Nano S is made of plastic, the manufacturer has added a thick noise-dampening material beneath it. This eliminates noise caused by mechanical vibration and fan turbulence. However, it’s important to note that despite the noise-dampening material, some noise still leaks through the intake vents.

The Fractal Design Define Nano S Quier PC Case comes with an accessory box, which allows you to add additional hardware without compromising the case’s quiet performance. It also has a front panel with a plastic textured vertical line to make it look premium. There are also ventilation slits in the front panel that go from top to bottom to allow airflow to the front intake fans.

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Fractal Design Define Mini C

Motherboard Compatability: Micro ATX | Dimensions: 19.45 x 19.45 x 11.89 inches | Weight: 6800 Grams | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0 Ports | Material: Aluminum

The Fractal Design Define Mini C Quiater PC Case is a good choice if you need a quiet case to house your computer. Its solid top panel and tempered glass sides help to suppress the noise from the inside. It also features five expansion slots and a 120mm fan mount. The case also comes with an exhaust fan.

The Define Mini C is equipped with a 120mm fan in the front and a 140mm fan in the back. It is equipped with dust filters for airflow and comes with good cable routing. The case also has a good fit for side panels, so there’s little unused space. Large GPUs might not fit in the Define Mini C, but it can support smaller 120mm radiators.

The Define Mini C offers a micro-ATX form factor, which makes it an excellent choice for compact workstations and quiet gaming PCs. Its dual 120mm fans and MicroATX motherboard make it a versatile choice. It also comes with two USB 3.0 ports and a headphone and microphone jack.

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